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He chuckled, kissing her cheek. “A little absent-minded, are we?”

"Just a little. But…" kisses him on the lips. "Can you blame me?"

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He blushed redder at the feel of her hand, but he shrugged. “Okay….fuck. Gwen is gonna be super pissed when she learns I lost.”

She giggled, “You never had a chance against me.” Lin teased, pecking his cheek. “You’re cuter when you blush.”

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Stein raised an eyebrow. “You only just noticed?”


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He blushed as she kissed his cheek, mostly not expecting it. “Uh huh….” He shook his head to clear his thoughts. “I still want to know who won.”

"I believe I did with a total of 54 souls.~" holds his hand softly in hers. "But let’s not worry about that, kay? Let’s go get lunch."

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George’s hide out!: purge-the-impure: George’s hide out!: “Ash?” purge-the-impure:…


George’s hide out!: “Ash?”








image “Yes, my dearest?”

Pulls his hand onto his stomach. “See?”

Ash smiled, running his…

He bit his lip, voice dropping to a whisper. “You mean you’re going to deprive me from my beautiful soon-to-be wife for nine months? You do know about… honeymoon tradition, right…?”

He continued to pout. “But I don’t want the babies hurt…” worry mother mode activated.

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Just realizes Stein said he loved her earlier.


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He looked down. “Sorry….you didn’t have to help me.”

"I did. It was my fault." pecks his cheek softly. "Sorry for pushing you. I should have known better."

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by Nairchan


by Nairchan

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Favorite meister & weapon

Stein and Spirit

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